DragonCave - Enermax Equilence


The case is pretty clean outside and I decided that I wonŽt touch it because of that. The inner of the case should have a clean look in addition I thought.
All of the fans are lighted by the motherboard. I replaced the original connectors to realize this. There was no problem at all with it, but if u put so many LEDs to the board u should add a seperate 12V lane for the supply.
This time I decided to use 90 defree fittings for the watercooling. It was something I didnŽt made till know. Will see if IŽll do this again.
All of the inner is covered with sheets coated in a special paint. The idea was to build a gloomy cave, wich turned out nicely. It looks kind of diffrent in reality, with the sidepanel on, but I wasnŽt able to get this in a picture...


The Specs:

Intel - I7 7700k @5GHz / 1,35V (Delidded by myself)
MSI Gaming - GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X 8G @ +175/+365
MSI Gaming - Z270 Gaming M7
Ballistix Gaming - 16Gb DDR4 Sport LT gray
Ballistix Gaming Deutsch - 275Gb MX300 M.2 Typ 2280
Enermax Europe - Platimax D.F. 500W
Li-Heat Industry Co.,Ltd. - Risercable PCIe 16x 20cm Type.A